Solar panel cleaning

Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Fermupe has designed and developed two models of machinery for cleaning solar mirrors and panels.

The Valcos model is designed for cleaning Parabolic Cylinder Solar Thermal Power Plants, covering all types of cleaning (COntact or Contactless), using only one piece of equipment (with intechangeable elements). Therefore, all of the plant’ needs are covered while saving costs.

The Vealis model is designed for cleaning helioststs and photovoltaic trackers in solar thermal power plants. In this case cleaning is contactless.

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Cleaning equipment

Our company has specialised equipment for integrated maintenance of the solar form:

  • Solar mirror cleaning vehicles (PCC and Heliostats).
  • Demi Water Treatment Plant
  • Water Supply Tank Vehicle
  • Plant Health Product Application Vehicles (adapted for use in all areas of the solar field).
  • Clearing Vehicles
  • Hand-held machinery used for clearing in dificult access areas.

Fermupe’s personnel are extremely qualified and have vast experience in this line of work. They work closely with our clients, advising them every step of the way in order to produce the best results always, according to their specific needs.


Since venturing into the renewable energy sector in 2010, Fermupe has primarily functioned as a service company providing clients with viable solutions, either through continual service or specific services based on the needs of each client. The versatility of our vehicles, along with our outstanding work, has allowed us to work in several types of solar fields. Our ability to adapt our services to each client has afforded us the opportunity to work with clients whose cleaning teams need extra support and reinforcement.

Acciona Palma del Rio I and II Plants

  • Pre-operational cleaning
  • Maintenance cleaning in 2011

 Acciona Majadas Plant

  • Maintenance cleaning 2011-2013

 Acciona Orellana Plant

  • Pre-operational cleaning
  • Maintenance cleaning 2012-2014

 Torresol Valle I and II Plants

  • Pre-operational cleaning 2011
  • Maintenance cleaning during 2012
  • Maintenance cleaning in 2015 

Samca Renovables La Dehesa Plant

  • Maintenance cleaning 2012-2020 

Samca Renovable La Florida Plant

  • Maintenance cleaning 2012-2020

 Africana Solar Plant

  • Pre-operational cleaning 2012
  • Maintenance cleaning 2012-2016

Ibereólica Morón Plant

  • Pre-operational cleaning 2012
  • Maintenance cleaning 2014-2019

 Arenales Plant

  • Maintenance cleaning 2015-2016

 Manchasol I and II Plants

  • Maintenance cleaning 2016-2020

 Lebrija Plant

  • Maintenance cleaning 2014 and specific cleanings 2015

 Andasol III Plant

  • Maintenance cleaning 2013 and specific cleanings 2015

 Soluz Guzman Plant

  • Pre-operational cleaning 2021

 Extresol I, II and III Plants

  • Maintenance cleaning 2016-2020
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