The importance of cleaning solar panels and mirrors for optimum performance

Everyone knows the importance of clean and renewable energy for taking care of the environment and saving costs.

Every day, more and more companies and individuals are turnung to solar energy for their electricity needs and other services in their homes and businesses. For correct performance of a solar plant, appropriate maintenance is needed. As well as technical inspections, solar panels and mirrors also need tp be cleaned.

For this task, Fermupe has specialised equipment for cleaning parabilic cylinder solar thermal plant. The integrated cleaning equipment for solar fields include:

– Solar mirror cleaning vehicles (PCC and Heliostats).

– Demi Water Treatment Plant

– Water Supply Tank Vehicle

– Plant Health Product Application Vehicles (adapted for use in all areas of the solar field)

– Clearing Vehicles

– Hand-held machinery used for clearing in dificult access areas

Having a qualified team with extensive experience in carrying out this type of work is also imprtant. Staff who listen to the client and adapt to their needs, while carrying out their duties diligently since solar field machinery is delicate and valuable.

Proper cleaning of solar field panels involves the cleaning of mirror surfaces as well as the land (weeds, sand, small stones brought by the wind, etc).

Maintenance work in solar fields is necessary because dirt accumulated in the solar panels causes the total production of energy to decrease by between 3 and 5%. Considering that according to current legislation, solar energy fields are guaranteed to operate for at least 25 years, losses occurred over a large period of time could be enormous.


adminmkpThe importance of cleaning solar panels and mirrors for optimum performance