Interim Edge Protection System SPPB


Interim Edge Protection System. System composed in accordance with section 7.4 “Testing in accordance with the ststic load (class A and B) in Interim Edhe Protection Systems”.

Yellow-lacquered zinc plating. (For other finishes contact the factory).

Railing BA_40
Length 2500 mm.
Pipe (Diameter) 40 mm.
e Tube 1.5 mm.
Presentation Packages: 100 u.
Guardrails GC_1
Length 1500 mm.
Pipe (Diameter) 40 mm.
e Tube 1,5 mm.
Dipstick (Diameter) 9 mm.
Presentation Packages de 200 u.
Baseboards RO_250
Conformed with 4 folds for greater stiffness
Module length 2500 mm.
Height 150 mm.
Presentation Packages: 100 u.
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