Photovoltaic cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance services

Equipped with an articulated hydraulic arm and a polyamine helical roller that allows cleaning photovoltaic solar plant modules efficiently and safely.

It carries a 2000 litres water tank and a 20-bar pump for 2 hours of autonomy and allows you to reduce downtime.

A wireless joystick actuates the hydraulic arm and prevents cable friction and possible breakdown due to joint erosion.

The 180º rotation of the arm makes it possible to clean both left and right. Roller rotation reverser makes cleaning easy.

Its damping system regulates the pressure of the roller on the panels to ensure an efficient and safe cleaning.

It folds its articulated arm to reduce its dimensions and facilitate transport and movements.

Valcos F increases the production of solar energy in all the plants where it works for a competitive cost.

It cleans up to 5 megawatts per day and uses between 0.3 and 0.5 litres of water per square meter.

Fermupe has long experience in technology development, engineering, and design to optimize performance.

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Since its implementation in 2010 in the field of renewable energies, Fermupe has been eminently a service company, providing solutions to our clients through continuous services throughout the year as well as specific demands.

The great versatility of our vehicles and our good performance in our daily work has resulted in us working in several types of solar fields.

This ability to adapt has made us work in plants that, even having their own cleaning equipment, have used our services as a reinforcement / replacement of their equipment.

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