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Fermupe is the largest company in the solar plants cleaning service because of its high number of operating teams and because of the number of square metres cleaned.

Our extensive experience, combined with our desire to improve and to focus on the client, encourages us to implement new improvements in our equipment every year. This allows us to offer our clients the highest reflectivity in the market.

Fermupe pays very close attention to the needs of the sector. That is the reason why we operate workshop vehicles ridden by highly qualified employees that addresses all the needs of our devices at any time. They achieve an average availability of 99%. The client will not endure any downtime in the cleaning cycles due to Fermupe.

Thermosolar cleaning

Thermosolar machinery and thermosolar cleaning catalogue.

Fermupe has designed and developed two types of machines for cleaning mirrors and panels.

Valcos, for cleaning parabolic cylinder thermosolar facilities, addressing all the cleaning methods (contact and non-contact) all integrated in the same tool (there are interchangeable elements). This way, all the needs of the plant are met with the consequent saving.

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Photovoltaic cleaning

Cleaning equipment.

Equipped with an articulated hydraulic arm and a polyamine helical roller that allows cleaning photovoltaic solar plant modules efficiently and safely.

Its damping system regulates the pressure of the roller on the panels to ensure an efficient and safe cleaning.

Valcos F increases the production of solar energy in all the plants where it works for a competitive cost.

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Products and Services

Catalogue of products and services.

Types of finishings, metal components and specialised jobs.

Among the products and services offered to our clients, we would like to highlight the thermo-lacquering and metal component production services. Experience and specialisation in this sector together with highly skilled staff and technical equipment enables us to offer numerous services tailored to our clients’ needs. Contact us.

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What our clients say

Vicente Julve

Vicente Julve

Engineer from Grupo SAMCA

Fermupe started out working sporadically but during this time proved to be a team highly qualified for this task who paid attention to detail. What started out as something sporadic developed into a longer collaboration that still continues today. Marcos in particular is flwaless in his running of the commercial side. I highly recommend them.

María González

María González

Financial Manager from metallurgical company

Outsourcing zinc-plating and thermolacquering processed to Fermupe was critical for continuing to offer a high quality service to our clients without needing to make staff cuts during the crisis and are now helping us to grow as a company thanks to their professionalim and expertise.

Paco Baena

Gonzalo Azcárraga


During the 4 years I worked as Plant Manager for Gemasolar, I could always count on Fermupe’s professional support, Marcos in particular. Fermupe is a company offering multidisciplinary services and support in the industrial sector, responding to a multitude of needs of any scale or complexity. From the cleaning of solar fields to pipe insulation, mechanical work or logistics in general, Marco’s response to any need that could arise was always flexible, honest, pro-active and efficient.

Eugenio Martínez

Worker at solar plant in Seville

We managed to save 23% in maintenance costs each year in our solar plant buy using the Valcos system. On top of that, thanks to the efficiency and versatility of this system, we have increased energy production by 115.

Alberto Medina

Resp. de Operaciones y Mantenimiento Planta Termosolar – Grupo Ibereólica. Morón de la Frontera

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