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Thermolacquering of metallic surfaces in 140m long tunnel. (Maximum dimensions: 2300*800*6000 mm).

Totally automated process composed of 6 stages:

– Demineralised Washing.
– Drying.
– Application of powdered paint.
– Polymerisation.

We have two paint application chambers, one automatic and the other manual.

Thermolacquering provides complete protection against corrosion while also giving a perfect and uniform aesthetic finish.

For these types of finished, no disolvent is used and all residue is treated in accordance with current environmental legislation.

Zinc plating

Protective zinc coating which prevents iron oxidation.

Fermupe S.L. has modern facilities ensuring all work is finished correctly while respecting the environment.

Semi-automatic system with barrel dimensions of 6000 x 2400 x 800 metres enabling work to be carried out on parts with large dimensions.
The finishings we offer are:

– SIlver (White).
– Gold (Iridescent yellow),

In our cmmittment to the environment, we have eliminated hexavalent chromium processes.

Metal parts

Our resources and extensive experience mean that we are able to produce whatever part requested. Our Thechnical Department is at hand to provide a solution to meet your needs.

Special works

Our experience and knowledge of the market enable us to provide solutions to whatever problems may arise, thinking from the outset of the optimum solution combing production/ installation/ final assembly and maintenance.

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