Fermupe is an Andalusian company that, since its creation in 1993, continues to offer the best quality service to companies in the construction sector. In the last years, our interest in improving has meant a growth in production. We have also put an effort into innovation and that has encouraged us to automate many of our processes and to patent our advances. Thus, all our efforts, including the robotic welding, the lacquering train, and the renovation of all our facilities, are intended to achieve high quality and competitive Fermupe products.

The interest in improvement means a desire for innovation and attention to detail, resulting in improvements in materials, creating our own patents such as VALCOS and VALCOS F, as well as the ability to perform properly in any project.

Care for the environment and quality controls are of special importance in Fermupe. The new lacquering train and the new facilities of more than 6000 square metres in Fuentes de Andalucía are a clear example of this.

Fermupe, according to its commitment to continue working within all the sectors where it is needed, designed in 2011 a new line of work supporting new energy sources. Because of this, we have developed our own models of solar field mirror cleaning equipment, both tower concentration and cylindrical-parabolic collectors.

In 2019, Fermupe, adapting to the needs of the sector, designed the VALCOS F cleaning equipment aimed at new projects of photovoltaic plants of large capacity and installed power.

Fermupe markets and distributes VALCOS and VALCOS F cleaning equipment to its customers, as well as cleaning and maintenance services.

To continue in this line, Fermupe is reaching agreements with leading companies in this sector in a definite commitment with Research and Development and Innovation and new technologies, taking advantage of the synergy with its clients to achieve a better product and service.

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