Advantages of our solar panel and mirror cleaning services

The cleaning of solar panels and mirrors is a delicate process requiring specific machinery and qualified staff to achieve optimum results without risking damage to very valuable structures. Being aware of the importance of cleaning to the performance of solar plants, fermupe has developed two models of machines for cleaning solar mirrors and panels.

The Valcos machine was created for cleaning parabolic cylinder solar thermal plants. It is adapted to all types of cleaning (contact or contactless) thanls to interchangeable parts which can be applied to one single machine, saving costs during the cleaning of the plant.

The Vealis machine was created for cleaning heliostats and photvoltaic trackers in solar thermal plants. This type of cleaning is contactless.

As well as the Valcos and Vealis machines, Fermupe has additional cleaning equipment: solar mirror cleaning vehicles (PCC and Heliostats), water treatment plant, watter supply tank vehicle, plant health product application vehicles and vehicles used for clearing weeds and hand-held machinery for for dificult access areas. Our staff have proven experience in operating all of this machinery and show a high degree of professionalism when carrying out their work.

Fermupe has bee providing maintenance solutions to the renewable energy fields since 2010. Its services are offered on a long-term basis or for specific jobs in all types of solar fields. Fermupe’s versatility means that many companies even hire our services to reinforce or substitute their own cleaning equipment.

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adminmkpAdvantages of our solar panel and mirror cleaning services