How does our patented technology Valcos used for cleaning solar mirrors work?

Solar energy is currently one of the main ecological and sustainable energy sources. This system offers broad future prospects and high profitability, although like any energy installation it requires maintenance to take full advantage of its potential and ensure maximum durability of energy absorption equipment.

Fermupe has designed and developed two models of machinery for cleaning solar mirrors and panels. The Valcos model is designed for cleaning Parabolic Cylinder Solar Thermal Power Plants: It has interchangeable parts allowing for contact and contactless cleaning. This offers significant savings for the plant since one single machine can be used to carry out its activity without problems.

The Vealis model is specifically designed for the contactless cleaning of solar thermal plants and photovoltaic trackers.

A good cleaning system depends on having an adequate team of professionals and an appropriate strategy. Fermupe carries out alternative clean-up campaigns using water and brushes ensuring top performance of solar mirrors by guarenteeing their durability. Our machines can also clean the surfaces of solar panels without scratching them, using small amounts of water (O.3 litres/m2). They are light so they won’ damage the road surface of the solar fields and highly manoevrable menaing several rows of solar panels can be cleaned in one day.

Due to a combination of these elements we are able to attain a high level of effectiveness of more than 92% under all types of circumstances and weather conditions. As well as the Valcos and Vealis machines, Fermupe has additional cleaning equipment such as an water treatment plant, watter supply tank vehicle, plant health product application vehicles and vehicles used for clearing weeds. For difficult access areas, we also have hand-held machinery used for clearing and qualified staff to use them.

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adminmkpHow does our patented technology Valcos used for cleaning solar mirrors work?