Choose the perfect barrier for your event

Public organisations such as councils and institutions as well as private organisation know how important distribution of space is in any open-air event.

In many events, whether it be artistic performances (concerts, theatre shows), meetings or demonstrations, barriers are important to ensure safety and the correct organisation of the event.

Pedestrian barriers made from galvanised iron ans usually painted yellow (classic type used by city councils), are useful for signalling. They are highly visible which makes them suitable for concerts, festivals and temporary construction and other types of works.

Plastic pedestrian barriers are more often used for fairs and concerts. They are stable, light and available in several different designs and colours.

High tilted metal barriers are best suited to sport events and races. They can have many uses. They have been placed at the finish line of athletic and cycling races since their appropriate angle of slope allows good vision for spectators. Due to their size, they can also be used for displaying adevrtisng. They usually measure around 2 metres wide and almost 2 metres high.

Anti-avalanche fences or barriers are ideal for preventing danger at any type of event where there is a large influx of people. At performances and concerts of big stars which attract an erormous amout of spectators, they are placed in front of the stage and sound equipment, although how they are placed and at what angle depends on the type of event, the number of attendees and the stage layout. Their flat base is designed to avoid trips and slips, and several parts can be assembled together, leaving no gaps so people can get through. MAde with robust material, they are stable and can resist any tupe of movement, shaking and pushing caused bu the audience.

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